Cant Stop The Future, Cant Rewind That Past, But I Cant Help But Love You

i was dating this guy i really liked alot. we were dating for almost 7 months. he was a foster kid so i was worried that he might move away. he promised me that he would be here until graduation. i went to school a couple days before valentines day and he wasnt there, so i called his house and no one asnwerd. i left a message and he never called back. i figured he was busy so id just talk to him in school the following day. i arived at school the next day and he wasnt there again. i started to worry. but i never said anything to anyone.... finally on the 17th i finnaly asked his foster brother where he was. and apparently something went wrong and he was rushed to the hospital and his foster mom sent him back and i never knew about it. i never got to say goodbye. and that word kills me. i went almost a full week without knowing where he was, and it turns out he wasnt in the state anymore. i was in love with him and i still am. i just cant get it through my head that hes gone and ill prolly never see him again. i just wish i could see him one last time and say goodbye. thats all i ask. i always wonder if he ever thinks about me. or if hes still in love with me. is it a bad thing to be in love with someone u havent seen for years?? its only been 2 years but i miss him so much. we were inceperable. ive tried dating other guys but its just not the same and then they get all said cuz i just cant be with them anymore. idk what to do anymore.

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I fell in love with a woman I met 30 years ago. We lost touch after each of us married. I was in an unhappy marriage for 23 years and only thought of her. I recently heard from her and she wants to get together. I plan on telling her how I feel. My heart will be broken if she is unable to reciprocate.

omg i got so emocional reading your story it really toches my heart i konow it seems dumb to ask this but can't you somehow make a contact with him trrow facebook or something, because if that love never died maybe it s because it wasnt suppose to die

I agree. I think that you should try to contact him. And if that\'s not possible... then I suggest moving on and start dating other people. If you do ever see him again, the feelings will probably come back. You can never fully get over someone you were in love with. ;)