so i broke up with my ex girlfriend more then a year ago, you can find a few stories about it on my profile.
but i wanted to share a certain moment with you, that i might not have shared before.

so we broke up, very emotional and stuff, i cried a bit. and the world kinda fell apart. but i had to deal with it. so i tried to do so. i tried to get my stuff together, train again, do well at school, get some new clothes. show her a better me.
a month after our breakup i came to her place again to get all my stuff that was still there. i was in a pretty good mood, and she was kind of annoyed that i was there. but she dealt with it and played some games on her laptop. she must have seen that i looked different, but she tried to ignore me as i collected my stuff. when i left she didnt want a hug or anything, she just wanted me gone.

so i went to my mom's place, stash my old stuff there and then took the train to my own place.
so i was sitting in the train, near the door, there were not much people in the train. i was just staring in front of me and suddenly tears began to come out of my eyes. i just realised that i would never see her again. i just sat there sillently staring in the distance with tears coming from my eyes. people walking besides me, i didnt care, nobody noticed, it was like i was somewhere else.

i dont cry a lot, almost never, but to cry just out of nowhere like this has never happened to me.
i think it a sad but beautifull memory, that i wanted to share.
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well thr is a heart in you and its ok to cry..lots of guys have tht male ego that they dont..but thats all ****.its gud to be expressive atleast to one's own

i didnt know men can feel and cry this way ..lots if men ive known are usually cold hearted and act like bastards, only care about sex. thanks for sharing and be strong

thank you