Ain't That Always How It Is?

You always want what you can't have?

I had so much fun with her. We could make entire days go by just sitting around watching movies and we'd have a blast. One of the funny things, I usually have a low tolerance for 'floating' people socially but with her, I always enjoyed helping her out, bringing home dinner without being asked, surprising her with a trip out to eat, going out to take her somewhere to get her a surprise gift. It's not that I felt obligated, I just felt like expressing how happy she made me. It ended up circulating as the more happy she slowly saw me become around her generally made her happy and want to hang around me more.

Too bad that kind of **** always happens with the people you cannot be involved in. Its depressing and **** now, but at least I'm mature enough to know like last time it'll get easier in time, but I'll miss her for a long time though, and it doesn't help that we still talk.

dedre dedre
31-35, M
1 Response Feb 13, 2009

i understand this, i'm sorry you have been through something similar.