In Love With Someone I Met On Line?

I knew K  in the net, I think that I love him though I don't really know him or even heard his voice. I don't know if it is normal to fall in love with someone that u don't even know if he is engaged or have a girlfriend ? Sometimes I feel really upset to see him disconnected or not to hear from him. I discovered that he sent me a card a year ago that I didn't know about it till now ! I think all the time of him what is he doing ? Is he alone ? Is he ok ?
I really don't know what to do is this normal?
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9 Responses Dec 21, 2010

awee now that is so sweet.You are in love with him.I am also in love with someone i met online and i feel the same way.I cant help but think about him all the time.I love being in love with him bu the fact that he lives miles away hurts a little but still i love this feeling and i hope to meet him someday and just hugs and never let him go <3

its normall it only means that your human my dear

Also I'm loving someone met online... But I can'T give advice... Just I believe loving multiple person is possible...

my love,<br />
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im waiting u more than a year but its suprise for me to see my beatiful angel turn to me back<br />
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i love u

Hmmm... I would at least talk to him on the phone first... then video chat... There is no reason in this day in age to be this disconnected from someone in a long distance relationship.

Umm, well I actually fell for a jerk. It hurt so badly at first, but then as the time went by, it gets better. Maybe if you do like him, try to find information about him and remember never let ur guard down.<br />
Best of luck for you.

I say enjoy the friendship. If you are curious about some of those details (like girlfriend, etc.) just ask him.

What did u do about it?

I get what you mean. Been there before. Wish you luck.