I wish I didn't notice

how your face lit up

when you were translating

a latin word

I wish I didn't read

my old notebooks

just to read your jokes

that I'd written down

(I always laughed

too loud

too long)

I wish I didn't know you

had kids-

two in fact

(six and eight years old)

I wish I didn't get jealous

when you talked-

when you laughed-

with other girls

(God I just wish they

weren't so pretty)

I wish I didn't imagine

that secret smile

you have for me

as if you had just said

something funny

and only I had heard

I wish I didn't watch you

just to see how you reacted

to Mrs

ranting about geese

I wish I didn't walk the long way

to my french class

just to see you pass

(you always wave)

I wish I didn't know

that you walk 4 steps

to the right

3 steps to the left

and 1 back

when lecturing in class

(but I do)

I wish I didn't know that you

wear the green pastel shirt

and blue tie

when you're nervouse

(but I do)

I wish I didn't walk by your room

four times


hoping you'd look up

(you didn't)

I wish I didn't try

so desperately

to make you laugh

(God I love to hear you laugh)

I wish I didn't dream about you

didn't think about you

didn't care about you

didn't know you

I wish I could let you go

because you'll never be mine

(and I know-

how is your wife

by the way?)

but I can't

so really what I wish

is that

I'd never met you
waiting8 waiting8
22-25, F
1 Response May 11, 2012

Aww. =( <br />
I used to fall head over heels for my teacher too...