Pretty Much The Story Of My Life

I never stopped loving him. He and I had been friends for years. At any weddings we were at together (which was several, we had the same friend base) he would only dance with me and ignore all the other girls. Anytime we were at these big religious conventions together (3 times a year) He'd seek me out before the sessions started, at lunch time and at the end of the day. We'd eat lunch together and just stroll talking about who knows what. It didn't really matter, it just mattered that we were together. I remember a couple times when we nearly got separated by the crowd of people headed back in from lunch and he turned around and stuck out his arm so I could grab hold of his hand so that we didn't lose each other. My hand felt so right in his. We laughed together all the time. When a close friend of mine died he was the first person to show up at my house. He brought me the most beautiful white tulips (my favorite flower, I didn't even know that he knew my favorite flower) and the softest teddy bear. Then after a big hug (he gave THE BEST hugs ever) he grabbed my hand and said "You're not staying in your room all day" and he took me out to the lake so that we could talk. But he never asked me out on a date. Never kissed me. Never made the next move for us to actually be together. And after about 2 years of this I didn't think I could wait for something to happen anymore and there was a guy who was interested in me, so I (stupidly) went after him and left behind the guy I was (and am) totally in love with for the man that is now my husband.... and if you've read any of my stories you know how well that's working out. And this guy that I was and am still in love with... married one of my former friends last summer. Ouch. Had I just waited a couple more years...he would've been mine, all mine. 
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Hmm...he sounds like a crook.You see, he got himself a wife after you got yours, just sounds like he just wanted to get even.

Unfortunately, I would have to agree.