Why Do I Love Her?

There are so many things that aren't right with my secret obsession. My crush, the person I love so much, it kills me to be away from her. First off, it's a she, I'm a she. We're both girls. Secondly, she is my big sister. Even though I am adopted, and have no blood relation, we still are sisters. People look down upon ******. Is it still ****** if we aren't really related? I don't think it matters, because I love her, more than I love family. I love her too much. She doesn't know, but I want her to. Why can't it be simpler? Why do I love her?
Emolia Emolia
18-21, F
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Don't ask why you love her, just get closer to her. Admit you live your sister and you will be together!

My sister knows im in love with her and she thinks its sick and twisted

Then sexually attract her, it always works;)

How am i suppose to do that without her thinking im even more sick and twisted and dirty bastard how do i make her horny and want me

Try to catch her ************, or watching ****, or her catch you. Everyone has an iner devil, you just need to find out how to release that devil :P

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Dont worry im in love with my sister which is even more wrong cuz shes blood related

Messaged you brett

so what hun love is love hope it works out for the best dont hesatate to inbox me

I find that you love your sister is really HOT, please add me.

Are you venting ?

I dont see any moral complications with your love, even she being your sister, even if both of you are woman. Being said that is still a very difficult love to come true. Its hard to know how to proceed but i think you should try to get closer with her.

Thanks. :)