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Although started as an innocent way to explore my sexuality. Has now become a very important part of my life. This man has become more than just my online lover. I adore him. I look forward to his phone calls. Texts, emails. Howeve, he chooses to reach me. I shouldn't feel this way.........
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It happened once, it can happen again... My best to you.

Most definitely only if you allow it. I imagine you may be a little gun-shy after losing that special person.

no that because someone new is on the scene V ?

are you in pain babe ?

Keep it up,as long it makes you happy

so sorry to hear but find another.Lovers come and go but your love is with you and nobody can take that.

That's good news

You have a special connection, if you try and connect anymore or any less then the fine line that connects you can easily be broken. Enjoy what you have and it may last longer.

Relationships rarely have a reverse gear and are rarely static. They go forward, at whatever pace is natural and appropriate for them, or they perish.<br />
<br />
I'm sorry for what your heart must be feeling.<br />
<br />
(I had an M too)

We must not let the opportunity to meet one's soul mate slip by.

Sorry love, sounds like he does have some serious emotional issues. Hugs to you.

Not to admonish you lovely lady, but heal your heart and find someone that is not married. Would you ever really be able to trust such a person like this? He may lust after you for a time, and give you passionate rounds of sex that would even make the heavens open up, and command Venus to look down and admire both of your amorous dispositions, but he will also remember that you enabled him to commit these acts against his marriage. In turn secretly he has already lost respect for you. It is my policy not to cheat no matter what. I reiterate to you my lovely lady, I do not chide you. I am here for you.

You are most welcome.

well what did you both want....commitment to each other ? you mean ?

you wanted more what ?

dont go with ur heart ,just think that ur married n u have ur own life there too ,for whom u r committed for long life dear ...!

I did have mail and phone relashionships, not to the point of being in love, but I certainly got a few kicks out of it. I never hid it from my wife, and she didn't have any problem with it.
It did make me feel alive, I loved that most of it was without images, so my mind filled the gaps and my sensations were hightened.

I'd love to send some email your way. You evoke thoughts of passion deep within.

Mmm, now I can't wait to get home to send some wildly, passionate thoughts that I have been having of you.

Mine is It's also my Y instant messenger

An online lover is okay in my opinion. It's just innocent fun. If you're married or in a commited relationship, it's a way of having fun without ever taking it any further than it being online.

Why do you think you shouldn't feel this way?
It is a great way to have a relationship and enjoy your sexuality safely.
From experience I no it can very intense sexually

You loved him but never met him in person?
Are you a submissive?
Do you crave a Master?

I guess that sounds right, however there is a sense of excitement to speaking to someone you r not supposed to. It has a certain mystique attached as well as the possibility of being is quite dangerous from a relationship point of view.

Maybe I'm wasting my time, he obviously has you under his spell.

I've read on &amp; realise things have changed

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My affair with a mm started after he was just kind to me. I didn't even see him in a sexual way at first. What I didn't realize was how starved I was for love and affection after a horrible divorce from an alcoholic husband.
mm reached for me and I was toast. I fell in love with him over the last year and he has me totally sucked in . He will never leave his wife and I know that but the love he gives me is unbelievable which is why I cannot back away. Believe me I have tried but everytime I try, he pulls me back in with his charm and sweetness.
It is such a roller coaster of emotions from missing him so bad to being so high I could cry from the times we share.

Thank you. It is painful but at the same time exhilarating when you see them. That's what keeps me engaged with him. The times we are together are so high that I feel like a million dollars. It's so stupid to hang onto something you can never have but I have said it a hundred times, it's like a drug that calls you back as soon as you come down from it.

Because he's married

Of course you should, it's fun, enjoy yourself, we only live once so don't miss out on anything nice :-)