It's Not Obsession

I'm so stupid that I still keep these feelings to stay the same.
I re-read my old conversations whenever I miss him even if it's just killing me more and more, but what's wrong with that? I miss him, I miss him a lot.
Is it really the best thing he can ever do? To separate me from his life? Is it really the best way?
It must be something that he can always make me feel safe, no one else, even my family can never make me feel that way, it's just so different and I love it that way,
But the fact that he doesn't talk to me anymore is such a beautiful torture to me.
I miss him and I don't want him to forget a thing about me..
People may call it obsession, but what kind of obsession/infatuation is it if he gives me a lot of will to live?
What kind of obsession is it if he's the reason why I still keep on living?
What kind of obsession is it if he's the only one who steals my pains away?
I just wish I could do the same to him <3
HakujitsuSeiten HakujitsuSeiten
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 31, 2012

im so sorry for your struggles. i know how the ache reaches your bones and the burning feeling of loss and longing. to be exiled seems like such a cruel and unjust punishment.