Is This Right? Or Wrong?

I have a boyfriend for 6 years. I've been very loyal to him for the whole 6 years. I'm the kind of girlfriend who spends her whole life with her boyfriend, I'm not hanging out with my friends that much sometimes they are teasing me of being kill joy because I'm not hanging out with anymore all I'm thinking was my boyfriend. Every monthsery (monthly anniversary I always greet him at 12 midnight. every morning he's the first person im goin to call to greet good morning and he's also the last person I'm thinking before sleeping.

Then everything changed one day... When I met a guy he's 3 years younger than me,and whenever we are together I felt something inside me, at first this feelings is not clear to me, but then later on I'm beginning to realize I'm falling in love with him. When we are together I felt a different happiness inside me, happiness that I never felt with my bf and what's good in this, I'm also beginning to know of myself without my bf but with other people because this guys he's not shy when we were in public.Thing is he also had a gf :( and he admits to me that he also felt the same with me.

After we admit to each other that we are in love we decided to be together even we are committed, we don't want to think anything but us, sounds selfish but we love each other. I know this thing will end soon because we can't leave the relationship we had before we met.
MicahPinela MicahPinela
22-25, F
Nov 15, 2012