She Broke My Heart But I Still Love Her

Well I have never told this to anyone in fear of being weak and people knowing i'm bisexual but I think it's a good idea so here we go... I am 15 years old and a girl and it began when I was 13, she was 15 at the time. I live in the middle east and in July 2012 we went to Georgia USA where my home, family, and friends are. Okay so here is where it gets a bit complicated, my sister is bisexual but she is the kind of person that you can't share things with since she always uses it against me so I kept my bisexuality a secret. So in Georgia, there was a friend who lived down the road, lets call her "Alex" since i won't use real names, now Alex is a tomboy she dresses like a guy and is very attractive with a fun personality ( but a bit conceited) My sister told Alex about her feelings for her and in Georgia they were I guess together but all of my sisters relationships were all sexual and this was no different. they kissed everyday and my sister kinda became a little territorial over her. I always had a crush on Alex but never told anyone. One day I was with my little cousin,who was about 6 ,outside Alex was with me because my cousin liked her and thought she was cool. I'm not sure where my sister was at the time. I was pushing my cousin on the swing and Alex and I were talking about my sister, she said how my sister was smothering her. We then took my cousin to the tire swing in the back yard. Alex told me how she liked some one else anyways I asked her who while we were walking to the driveway ( it is a steep drive way). My cousin asked Alex if she could ride her skateboard down the drive way, so she showed her how to sit on it and control it. My cousin accidentally tried to stop it with her toes while wearing flip-flops and scraped her toes up. and that's when Alex told me that she was positive the girl she like didn't like her back, I said "don't be so sure ". Alex had a girlfriend this whole time by the way. We took my cousin into the bathroom tho get her a band aid and clean her up. That's when Alex said I was the girl she liked, and after my cousin ran out of the bathroom when I told her she could have a Popsicle for being so brave and not crying.Alex wasted no time after I told her I liked her back, she grabbed me by the waist and kissed my neck, she then kissed my lips when I got more comfortable with it. She was my first kiss and nobody knows. She kissed me all the time and was still VERY sexual with my sister and had a girlfriend. she made me cry at least 4 time during the vacation. She told me she loved my I am so grateful I never said it back, because I knew it wasn't true. When we left back to the middle east, she said she would write me on FB and try her best to talk to me all the time. It's been six months and I haven't heard a word from her. But the worst part- I'm not over her and I think I love her. she was a player and had no empathy, she was the worst mistake i've made so far. Sorry my story is so long I just needed to share it all. 3
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18-21, F
Dec 13, 2012