Life is not fair ...

My heart beats for someone who my mind doesn't agree with. I know that I shouldn't because he is my step brother. I have grown up with him since I was seven. We got on the first day we met and we have gotten so close in the years we have known each other. I have tried to ignore the feeling that have been banging on in my heart. I don't want to love my best friend and brother. When seeing him every other weekend we stay up together in the early hours of the morning watching movies and talking. I miss him all the time and I can't get away from these feelings. I dream about him every night and I cannot escape. Lately he has been texting me loads. I don't want to tell him because it could ruin the relationship we already have. Ignoring these feelings for so long has just made them stronger. He sometimes acts like he loves me but then hints that he just wants to be bro and sis. Help. I love my step brother. I don't know what to do ??
Renaitaylor Renaitaylor
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 3, 2013

I have a friend who married his step sister. They are happily married and had two kids. Since he is a step brother and not half brother, there is no biologic reason not to consider a more serious relationship. I don't know if you were raised together as little kids or came together as teenagers. That may make a difference. My friends were teenagers when his father married her mother.

You could try a little kidding or flirting with him and see how he reacts. It could be that when he seems to not feel that way, he is pulling back because he thinks you would reject him.