He Hurt Me, But I Still Love Him To Peices.

I met this boy when i was 13 years old in a group home.
We were both troubled youth in foster care and at that point just friends.
The years went by and we both grew up, i was 18 and he was 20.
One summer night we reconnected after all the years we'd spent apart.
Since that night we were inseperable for the next year of our lives.
We liked the same things, and had an eary connection with each other.
for example,i would pick up the phone to call him just as he was calling me,i could practically read his mind, things like that.
We were both convinced we were soul mates.
We had a mutual male friend of ours move in with us and from that point on things went sour.
He began to become very violent towards me. Starting calling me horrible names at first then a month later began to hit me.
I had enough, so i moved out into my own house.
He became enraged. One night i went out with some girlfriends, he followed me.
We went to down to the beach and sure enough there he was screaming at me from across the street. I ignored him and continued on. He followed me only to attempt to murder me. He tried to drown me in the ocean as he repeatedly punched me all over.
I escaped and stayed at a friends house for the night.
I went home the next day only to find everything i owned in my house was completely destroyed.
My underwear had been cut up, my televisions smashed, my bed urinated on, bleach thrown on the walls etc.

Its been a year now since all this happened. I've been in another relationship which ended badly. but everyday i wake up He is still on my mind. I think about him everyday, i want him and love him so badly. But if i were to be with him my family would reject me, my friends would leave, i would be an idiot. But i cant help myself i am madly and helplessly in love with him. it is driving me crazy. i dont know what to do.
Pandoranda Pandoranda
Jan 6, 2013