I Like My Good Friends Girlfriend

I'm a 16 year old guy and i like my good friends girlfriend ( although they arent offically dating he told me they have had a thing for 1.5 years and she backed it up)... when i first meet her i had no cclue they where dating she would send me texts good mourning and when i told her i did something ( IE play drums or football) she told me she found foot ball or dummers atractive ... now here where things get complicated my good friend has a thing with this girl what should i do ?? i dont want to loose him as a friend but i really really like this girl... and to make matters worse she tells me she trusts me and knows i'll always have her back...
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

unless you're absolutely heads over heels for this girl, and I mean REALLY heads over heels, it's not worth it. Never is.

ya ya your probally right its just this girl and me see to connect in a way i have never connected mind you i have only ever had 8 girlfriends and the longest realtionship 1yr 9months ... when i ever im around her i cant stop smileing and neither can she idk...