My Best Friend's Son

He's 18. I'm 33. I've known him since before he was born. We are completely in love with each other. I don't think his family will be supportive when our relationship finally comes out. In fact, I think it will probably end my relationship with my best friend. It's a hard choice. But I cannot deny my feelings for him. He brings so much joy into my life....and loves me with a purity that is humbling. I don't know what the future holds. But I hope it's happiness.
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6 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I really don't think that's healthy thinking and if I were the best friend sorry I would consider whipping your *** sorry

Been there and its quit difficult, nut so much fun. We both came into agreement that we needed to be with what we needed in our lives. But as long as you feel do it and make sure both are having the time of your life. Just let them know, the worst thing that could happen is they disagree and in the end thats all it will be.

Tell your friend about it. He will find out one way or the other. Don't keep it a secret. Love with distraction is not true love.

i think at 18 he is too young to decide on you...

Is it working out alright? Does he stimulate you mentally as well? Also, do you worry about if he's checking out other girls his age?

Yes..we have stimulating conversations and we enjoy alot of the same things. And of course I worry about him checking out younger girls. He just keeps assuring me that he doesn't check out any of them and if he wanted that, that's what he'd have. He definitely wouldn't have any problem getting whatever girl he wanted.

Well he is legal age and if you make him Happy and he makes you happy enjoy it. Love is love. Skin is skin as long as it is legal and not against anyone's will. What you do should be private if you do love him..that is called respect.

I couldn't agree more. It would somehow tarnish our private moments if I shared them.

My opinion of you has increased by 100% not that it matters one bit but I just think True Cherished love should be sacred and private, after that it can be as hot as hell and as sweet and sexy as you want but real love feels private...

Well thanks! I'm with ya on keeping it intimate between me and him. :)