Don't We All?

It's the story of our lives. You always and only ever WANT WHAT YOU CAN'T HAVE. That is why you crave it so bad.

Are you sure it's love, not lust?

Why shouldn't you love them anyway? Is the reason cause it's not socially acceptable, or they are with someone else or they don't even know you exist?

@ the end of the day LOVE IS NEVER ENOUGH.

notasloth notasloth
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2 Responses Feb 5, 2007

Forbidden fruit is the best!
Just ask Eve.
(insert devilish grin)

i want someone i can't have, <br />
ive been in lover since i met them,<br />
and i dont know why<br />
=|<br />
their my best mate,<br />
i shouldnt feel this way<br />
we spend so much time together i feel stronger stronger about them each day.