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I'm New To This Prison Love.  My Brother Asked Me Could I Write His Celly And I Said Okay SInce There Is Nothing Wrong With a "PEN PAL" So We Started Writing Each Other Getting To Know And  We're Now Bestfriends I Also Found Myself Falling In Love With Him And His Now The Love Of My Life, His Looking At 4 Years. His Everything I Could Ask For In a Mate Other Then Him Begin On The Other Side Of The Wall. He Sends Me Lovely Letters , Cards And I Write Him Letters And Him Cards And Of Course I Send Him Pictures. We Had Our  First Contact Vist Last Month On The 18th I Wasn't Scared At All Just Finally Happy To Finally Hug And Touch Him And Kiss Him And Talk To Him Face To Face. When I First Started Talked To Him Our Visit's Was Only 30 mins / 1 Hour And They Was Via Tv With Web Cams. Now His Locked Up  In Coffeewood In Mitchells , VA So I'm Just On The Site Looking For Some Type Of Family Support And Somebody To Talk To Because I Know I'm Not Going Though This Alone.
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Me and Garrett dated like 10 yrs ago and we eventually lost touch broke up. And then he gets sent to prison in 2012 and asks one of his best friends to contact me on Facebook to write him so I did. I was in love with this guy but he never knew and he started saying how he's been thinking about me alot and then we continued to talk and I visited him every week. I don't really have anyone to talk to about this. I have a boyfriend currently but he and I are so unhappy it's like we're just roommates now. And I'm worried Garrett will be different when he geats out but at the same time I feel like he and I have this connection almost like star crossed lovers. But hearing him saying how stupid he was for letting me leave. I don't know what to do. Any advice ladies?

I have a story this is my first time falling n love with a prisoner frank he has a life sentence so far its been 22years for him.and we meet n 2013 he is so respectful of me and how I feel and concerns he treats me like a queen and keeps his words we fell n love we have our ups and downs as couples do but he never doubted our love for each other. He came up for parole and was denied for the third time. I was deverstated so that's 2 more years . My heart is so heavy don't no what to do. I try to follow the holy spirit but still confused BC I don't want to give up on him he is all I ever asked for he is so wonderful. I see signs on both ends. What should I do

I wont say yes or no bcuz only you know your heart. I say be careful bcuz some of these men are out to get what they can. If you're confident in your man, I say go for it. You may have found your prince charming on the other side if those walls. I know I have.

I'm new to this I started writing this guy as a penal.we became best friends before you know it he told me how he really want to get to know me.I was very in suspend because I didn't want nothing but just a penpal. then one day he told me he is going to have someone send me money to put on the phone so he can call.went along with it but still was afraid. we spoke all the time he asked me to marry him.I was surprised but he said think about it.I told him yes.its going to be two years now we speaking and I love him and care about him.we share something many plp can't understand. sometimes we meet plp different places and your heart will tell u the truth.and I'm happy even though he is behind walls but I love my soon to be husband.

<p>I am so happy to find this site because right now I am really confused.. my best friend is in prison and he gets out in nov of this year.. he calls me like 2 times a week.. well in oct of 2012 he put one of his inmate friends on the phone and well to make a long story short we have been talking every since.. we have grown so much and he is all I think about.. he says that he feels the same way.. we now talk sometimes 5 or 6 times a day.. we talk everyday.. we write letter.. send cards.. he has made be beautiful things and sent them to me.. I really feel in my heart that this is right.. even though I ask my self over and over how could I be in love with someone I have never even met.. someone I have never even touched.. I am even moving to be closer to him.. we just have this connection.. I cant really talk to any of my friends about it because they do not understand.. they don't get it.. they say that I am only entertainment to him.. I just need to talk to someone that can reassure me that I am not crazy.. he has 3 more years to go before he gets out..</p>

hey i just read this and i am in the same situation...i dont know if your read this but how did it go are you still in touch ? i am passing trough the same things and im so confused too :/

My story is quite like many others I met Jason on a pen pal site. We started writing just as friends and soon feel in love. I have never experienced the sharing and type of love from any man including my ex husband of 11 years. We have gotten to know each other and are planning a future. I cant wait til March 2013 just 51 days and counting. We both know it will be a struggle but one that I know in my heart will be well worth it. Every week I visit him I fall more deeply in love with him. He has made me do things I never thought possible like working out, quit smoking, eating healthy its amazing. I started out trying to help and encourage him and he has done those things for me. I am a better person because of Jason and his love for me.

so how are things now that he is out...
is it still the same?

My story is quite unique compared to the ones shared. When I met Scotty in February of 2011, I thought I'd found the man of my dreams. We connected so intensely on every level, it was hard to even work, eat, or sleep. All we wanted was to be with each other every moment of the day. I discovered Scotty was bi-polar and usually in a manic state. He smoked a lot of pot to stay level. By the end of 2011 Scotty had abused me twice when he'd been drinking. In January of 2012, after a tiff at a Christmas Party, I tried to leave the establishment we were at & Scotty came after me.. again he was drunk. To stop me from leaving he ended up punching me in the side of the head & biting down on & through my lip. I had to have 17 stitches & I have a permanent 3 inch scar that begins at the corner of my mouth and angles down to my jawbone. Scotty received 15 years. I know he needs a lot of help, therapy, behavior modification, treatment. He rarely drank in the year we were together, but the times he drank too much he lost control. I know he loves me more than anything in the world and I have forgiven him and adore him. We write every day & speak twice on the phone per day. We will not have visitation privileges for a while. It is an incredibly lonely life. No one supports me because my friends & family detest Scotty for what he did & will never forgive him. But our love was so strong and has intensified even more as the separation creates an unusual honeymoon storybook feeling where every word, every moment, every interaction is so treasured that it leaves me in tears of joy & pain. I will wait for him. I have no choice. He is truly in my heart forever. I can only hope when we are reunited, he can stick to the plans set in place for his recovery including medication, a zero alcohol policy, couples therapy, and a structured lifestyle. I miss him so much sometimes it's like a literal ache in my heart & tummy. He is a beautiful, intriguing, gorgeous creative passionate man, who happens to have some dragons he needs to slay. I read all of these stories in tears, because we can't live without love. Couples outside take it for granted, squander, and waste it. I pray when Scotty gets out, we will have learned never EVER to risk losing MOMENT of precious time again, by making poor choices or taking each other for granted. I dream of a happily ever after with him, but it is an extremely lonely, emotional journey and my heart goes out to all of you beautiful ladies in similar situations. Hugs.

Oh my goodness... I've been searching for some kind of site where I could join a group such as this & here I am... I too find myself in this same situation. When I was studying Psychology & Criminology I felt I needed more than just theoritical perspectives & wanted to know what it was actually like to be caught up in the criminal justice system so I found myself a friend on a U.S. Prison penpal site. I wrote to someone outside of my country thinking that would ensure my 'safety'... but after 3 years of corresponding he recently told me he had fallen in love with me & I admitted that I felt exactly the same way. I feel like we were meant for each other, we think alike, and he's everything I've wanted in a man but never, ever found. <br />
<br />
I wish at times that I could shout from the roof-tops how wonderful this man & how I'm his girl; but I fear the ignorance of others & have no need for negative comments, so I keep it just between the 2 of us. My children know I write to him, but not of our love. My love was sentenced to life imprisonment as a juvenile so we may, or may not ever be together in a traditional way in this lifetime but I can honestly say I'm so happy I know him & I believe he makes me a better person. Being in a different country we haven't met in person & it will be 2 years before we do. I'm very hopeful the recent law changes in the U.S. will give us some chance at togetherness as he should eventually be re-sentenced for his crime (along with the 2500+ other juveniles sentenced to life in the U.S.)<br />
<br />
I acknowledge what lana2019 bought up; that things may be different when (or if) he's released... that's something I will always be mindful of, but for now... I feel more loved than I ever have before in my life, as does he. Don't wish away the time you're kept apart... appreciate every day! Every moment is precious.

I am also in love with someone in prison. I met him before he got in trouble we were young and fought etc. When he was first sentence to prison I went to visit him stayed in contact for a year. But then I met another guy and just my love hanging no explanation etc. After dating a couple guys and didn't work out I met this guy who reminded me of my love. So I decided to write him in prison it was the best decision so far. he is sooooo supportive of me and keeps me going threw the think and the thin, I tell him its weird because my friends out here who are married or in a relationship arent that happen and that we have the best relationship out of all of them LOL. Its almost been 4 years since we have been together and he has a little of 3 years left. I pray to God that he could just bring him home. He has been thinking of applying for a pardon next year and I just hope they release some inmates do to budget cuts and over crowding etc. Its nice to open up and share my story with others who can relate. Thanks

I too share the same experience, we just have to be strong and take it one day at a time :)

I am also in love with someone in prison. We met while I was working there as a psychologist (he was NOT one of my patients)... he was almost halfway into a 17 year sentence. We have been together for almost 7 years, and like lyricalborder's post above, not many people know about our relationship. Nobody in my family knows, because I fear they will be judgmental. He comes home in 21 months and 10 days (yes... I'm counting down!) and I want my family to get to know him as person, not an inmate. I just hope they grow to love him as much as I do. He was actually incarcerated in the same facility that your love is in right now (Coffeewood), but was recently transferred to Dillwyn. I enjoyed going to visit him at Coffeewood... as much as one can enjoy visiting someone in prison. I've actually met some really great, strong women there, who are in the same situation we are in. It's a hard life, I'm not going to lie. There have been times where I wasn't sure I could make it.... I kept seeing my friends and family living the lives that I longed to live with Anthony... getting married, taking vacations, having kids. We even broke up for a few months... but it finally hit me that while I definitely was envious of my friends and their lives, there isn't anyone else in the world I would want to do any of those things with EXCEPT Anthony. So here I am... 7 years into this relationship, and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there! This forum seems like a good way to get the support you may or may not receive from your family/friends!

This touched me because my story is so similar. . I would love to hear an update! !

hey.. as a woman that's in a relationship with an imate.. let me share with you a little bit of my experience. Well first of joe( my booskie) was in prison wayyyy before i start writing him. He got a 15 yr sentence. I found him via pen pal website in 2006 and we have been together since. I was living in alaska at the time and he's in New Jersey. he became my best friend. i had people in my ear talking about, leave him alone, he just using you and all that bull. But what they didnt know is I needed him more than he needed me. He listened and never judged not once has he EVER asked for anything like money or a package or anything.. all he wants is just pictures of me, of the outside world and etc. It's so beautiful...our relationship.. they appreciate you, accept you. Joe has done more for me that any man i been with physically. He's a blessing. We got 3 more yrs left and im just super excited to just share in the newness of him being back in the free world. It's hard to be in this type of relationship i aint gone lie but you truly appreciate everything... every touch every sound every letter every laugh and smile, ur freedom is highten and cherish..U take nothing for granted. U become a strong woman some ur man will need when he's released. Pray and ask god to show u a sign if its meant to be. If so and you feel it in your heart of heart...I want you to stand by your man's side and take into consideration also that if he's your brothers celly then obviously there's some trust there for him to ask u to write him.. Hang in there.. and if ever you want to talk to some one.. my name is kittiyah and im on face*book im the only one with that name.

Reading ur post helped me a lot :)

Always protect your heart and keep in mind that your boo in jail is in a vulerable position and might feel different when he come out but I hope to God everything works out for you two and always protect your heart.