Steadfast Heart

I have been with my  boyfriend for almost 8 years. We have been through alot to say the least. He has been in prison for 5 of those years. When we first met we were very different people then we are today, he was a drug dealer and we were both drug addicts. When he went to prison I went into a rehab program and have been clean an sober for 5 years on october 5, 2011. It is only Gods grace that has allowed the life change and sustained it. I decided to post on this blog because as I was reading some of your stories it brought back so many memories of when he first went to jail and how difficult those times were, well that was 5 years ago and he gets out in 2 months. I have tried to move on, tried to date other men but my heart has always belonged to him so I have written him pretty much the whole time he has been incarcerated. When you love someone your heart is stead fast adn no matter how much you try to forget about them or replace them it wont work. 
I will be graduating college soon and have made the most out of the new life God has given me. I would encourage you ladies to do the same. It is stressful to love someone in prison, no one seems to understand and you are persicuted by family, friends, and society for "sticking with him". Love hurts thats for sure, but finding the balance between loving someone without selling yourself short is the key. 
I have missed him everyday for 5 years adn my heart has had this painful ache that doesnt ever seem to go away. Why I had to fall in love with someone whom it is impossible to be with without immense sacrifices is beyond me. I am nervous and excited for what the coming months will bring!
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I had a few little tears in my eyes reading that. Good luck to you both! It sounds like you deserve to be happy. Both of you! Best of luck in your life together

I read your story and want to say good luck. My boyfriend is in prison also. It's been 2 years and has 1 more year to go. we have a 5yr old little girl. I am also nervous and excited of his release in 1 year, but also scared. Scared that all my hard work and peacefulness will change when he is out. I'm just hoping and praying that if I do choose to have a life with him again and things dont change with him, I'm scared I will still have that hard life with him all over again. Im just hoping It won't be hard for me to leave him for good and realise that my life without him is for the best.

God Bless YOU....:)