He Is My Best Friend

I met a guy in 92. I had been writing inmates since age 8. I did not know he was headed that way. I was a waitress at the time.Someone was stealing my coffee checks each day and my boss was MAD. He said I had to pay 5 dollars a day for each missing check. Wow! I watched carefully to no avail. This guy was rather handsome and funny but I was a sheltered girl. Never even seen a cockroach or a Waffle House till I was 26. he had a foul sense of humor. When he came in I paid the other waitress to take over my section till he lift. I did not know how to handle him, but his laugh was infectious, all the way across the restaurant. Later as he and I were the only ones in the place except for the manager in the back, I saw him open up his coveralls, (he's a mechanic) and shove his coffee ticket in his shirt pocket with the 30 or so others. BUSTED! I got them back from him and he begged me not to kick him out! he was going to prison soon and had lost everything and was broke.I paid for all of those checks and we became friends.I eventually met his whole family and his girlfriend who he introduced to me and told her I was his other girlfriend. I was so red with embarrassment. I met his mom and sisters.Somehow he got away from me and we did not write. I asked God why He had placed him in my life if it wasn't working out for us to write. 3 years later his mom came to my new job a few towns over and we spoke. A few days after that she brought me a letter. WE wrote for years.He got out and we started hanging out and became intimate but we were not in a good place. I was separated and he fell in with another girl and got into meth. He lost it all. We drifted apart but remained friends. Later I was working with a prison ministry and thought if him. He had called me from OK. in 2000 collect and told me his time was up and he just wanted to tell me I was the best friend he had ever had and thanks for believing in him. he said i came closer to making him a better person than even his mamma. Then he was gone. I looked up the DOC website as I knew he must have been headed for trouble when he made that call a few years back. There he was. I wrote him and have been ever since then. We became the best of friends in 2004 when I ran off to another state with my children after my husband molested my daughter. I had no one except my friend. Then we went through hurricane Katrina. I went and got my first tattoo when my world fall apart . It was his nickname Bobos girl. I also used that as my roller derby name and got my skate tatted under it. We spoke of being together someday and in 2009 entered into a commitment. He goes up for parole again in 25 days. I pray we will then after 12 years begin our life together. He has been a big part of my children lives all of their lives. I pray God will keep us as strong as we have been through these years.I have no regrets and even if it didn't work out he is my best friend.
Terrydarlene Terrydarlene
46-50, F
May 5, 2012