He In Prision

Hi everyone..

Im Paola. My boyfriends is in prison and he facing 3 years .
since he got lock up we ben having a lot of problems starting with trust . I trust him a lot i have not ben able to visit him because he an hour away and i work & i go to school .. its hard as it is already i have no support from my family at all they think that im crazy for being with him even though he behind bars the LOVE that i have for him has not change at all.
Im just very scare that he wants to leave me ...
We had our talks about just being friends until he comes out but we can't handle being apart from one another as it is ..
i feel like im getting depress and lonely at times.
Paolam Paolam
18-21, F
1 Response May 14, 2012

hes more scared of you finding somone whos not behind bars and who can give you a brighter start in life .... but if you love him that much follow you heart stand by ur man my man is in prison too but he hasent been senteced yeat but my family supourt me 100% my partener is lookin at up to 3 years in jail you want anyone to talk to mail me :)