True Love

Well here it goes .. Back in high school I met this guy I was instantly attracted to but honestly never thought I had a chance we saw eachother around town but nothing more. I went on with my life . Years later I heard about him getting locked up sentenced to 10 years :( my life continued to go on. 10 months ago I was contacted by him and since then have talked and written to him every single day. Never in a million years did I ever think i would be in a situation like this. But it just happened feelings I have never felt for anyone in my life . It's like a dream come true . We just connected. I didn't ven have to think twice about wanting to be with him . But coming to the reality of being without him as he finishes his sentence of about 7 1/2 years!!! Is not going to be easy I hit Rick bottom a couple weeks ago and just ignored him for a couple days ! How stupid I've realized he is my true love and nothing worth having comes easy! It just got hard seeing my friends living this life I wanted to be able to have . But I then realized there isn't anyone I'd want to share life with but him . We havent ever even touched eachother nothing phyisical what so ever . So falling in love with someone like this to me is rare . I am planning a trip to go visit him around what will be one year since we started talking . I am thankful to find this site reading everyone's story has helped me a lt and gave me the confidence to stay strong and stand by my man thru this rough time . But time passes and one day he will come home where he belongs and I will be here !
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I am in almost the same situation as u
And u cant help but feel the way you do. I am fully committed to my husband that has been in for 4years. I love him and will stick with him. The life style sux because u always feel alone but every time u get that phone call it makes u feel good and assures you that this is the man u love. I have less than a year until his come home. So just wanted to say to hang in There and good luck this will be a roller coaster. It takes alot to deal with this type of relationship and cant wait until its all over so we can start over if u know what i mean :)

Welcome to EP and kudos for writing your first story on EP!
It's difficult, but if it's true love you'll be able to get through all the difficulties. Communicate a lot, long-distance relationships need communication.