In Love With 2

It started with two friendships as kids. Though the years we stayed close and when I was nineteen one of them got locked up and I dated my best friend we fell in love and dated for the last five years. During this time other BESTIE had remained locked up this whole time and we have gotten even closer I didn't mean for this relationship to develope further then a friendship but after 5 years it has. I have a wonderful relationship with my man of five years but also with my other BESTIE. I tried to talk myself and him out of this I even tried to hook him up with others but I can't shake it. It has turned into a horrible dilemma! I feel as if I've slowly cheated and I don't know what to do.
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Wow, this is a very tough situation. I have never been in this sort of thing before but what I would do if I was ... Talk to the guy and maybe come to some sort of agreement. Like hey, we love each other but we honestly jus can't be together. No matter how tough it is to let this thing go- explain to him u dont want to lose his friendship but at the same time how u guys feel about each other can never be more than "just friendly" n ask him to respect that. Maybe it might work- depends on how he feels 2

Advice anyone?