A Love Like This

Hello ep users. This is my first time on and I'm glad I found the site. I am so in love with someone in prison...we briefly dated before he went. He had been there since July and I tell yall I have never felt love like this before...if not for the strong connection we had together before he left I would doubt him when he professes his love for me. We write all the time more than once a week and he calls one day out of the week...people think I'm silly so can't really talk to no one about it but I'm willing to stick by his side till the end he makes me happy and I love him so much
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

I agree that it's hard to find understanding and support for our situation. I also knew and cared about my man before his arrest and ultimate prison sentence. This site is the only support I've found so far. I do have a very caring, supportive daughter, but I can't always go to her with every little thing. Good luck finding understanding and support here...I'm sure you will :)