Married Yet Alone

I am new to the site...and also am in love with an inmate...My baby has been gone about 6 months now..with an outdate that has not been determined at this point. The days are long and lonely..waiting on the phone to ring...trying to shuffle the bills in order to afford the phone calls...never loving to see the mailman more. I miss him like crazy...feel like im losing my sanity sometimes.. I am glad to have found this site....knowing there are more ladies out there that feel the same in some crazy way helps me out..Thank you ladies for sharing your story!!! Stay strong and positive
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I feel the same way shuffle on the bills just to always sure I have money on the phone wait for the mailman somedays are better than others then sometimes I wonder if anybody going threw what I'm going threw then I came to this site then I see that females are in the same boat even thoe I don't have that much longer to go if fill like these last 21 more days is a lifetime it seem like his side of the bed is so empty wishing I could wake up from this bad dream he could just be laying right here and I can watch him sleep..if u ever need someone to talk to I'm here

thank you for the encouragement...seems like everyday is a struggle....some days i feel like ima be alright...then there are those days when i doubt myself...I try like hell to stay positive...I believe in him...i believe in us and our marriage...Love Never I keep hanging on

Stay strong! Xo

Hey! Im in the same boat. People understand what we are going through. My guy will be out in a couple months, been in for 9 years. Some days are tough. Most days I feel strong, but some days i hide in my room and cry, although i would never tell him that. He worries about me, I worry about him. Its a strong love that feels so wonderful and hurts so bad all at the same time.

I am almost the same situation mines been in over 9 yrs gets out in a couple months March 9, 2013 so I can relate to the mixed emotions. I have a strong love also. Everything just feels so right. A little nervous as we have never touched have to visit through glass. The anticipation grows everyday. Hang in there some days I am really lonely and depressed. Others very optimistic!! The couple of months will fly right by. Good luck!!!

Wow! it seems we have alot in common. I would love to have somebody to talk to that understands what i am going through day to day. Give me a holler if ya want