The hole. My boyfriend was put in "the hole" yesterday. This sucks. I'm so scared all of his hard work will be for nothing after this. I don't think he can talk to me until he gets out of "the hole" and I have no idea when that will be. Gah! Everything was going so good. We've eveen through a lot...but I've never experienced "the hole" before...
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he probably got in a fight no biggie they will have a hearing give him his punishment such as 5 days in the hole no privelages then they will re house him at a higher security level until he can show them his behavior wont be repeated kinda like being sent to jail in jail i got sent to the hole 3 times actually ita kinda peaceful being away from all the chaos for a few days lol if any of you have questions or need help on how things work in there feel free to message

All is well now (more or less) They didn't give him a hearing but found him guilty anyway and tacked him with a DR (supposed to be against SOP) And they held him in the hole for 40 days which happens to be just long enough so that he could not file an appeal for his DR that he was given...He spoken with a few counselor's and they told him there was nothing they could do about the DR because it was signed by the supervisor himself. (In a TC not prison) Thank goodness he's finally out of the hole now. But now we're nervous that the DR is going to be a problem come parole time... :(

tc is no joke i told them to stick TC bought myself 2 yrs i was stubborn

Oh no :( The TC is such a great idea in theory, home passes on the weekend, free world job and he will come home with money in the bank. But the officers in there I'm convinced are on a mission to get the "residents" sent back to prison...

Hi doing time is hard not just for the person doing time but their loved ones do time as well. It's early days but be prepared for ups n downs cos it can be stressful for you both. Saying that you can get through it if your both strong enough.

Thanks. I know we will, it's just tough. Almost one year down now :)