Miss Him So Much!

I am in love with a man who is behind bars.  This is all so new to me.  i have never been down this road before and I would love to receive some advice from others who have taken this journey.  We are old high school flames and have reconnected and fell in love so fast.  He had been battling with a case for over 2 years, what he thought was a routine hearing for an extension lead him to be reprimanded.  He just got sentenced to 4 years at 80%.  When he was in county we talked 3 times a day and I wrote him every day.  The phones call can be very expensive but for happiness I am willing to pay the price.  Now he is being moved to his permanent staying place for the duration of his time.  I have told him that i will wait for him and that i am right by his side for this journey but i am so scared all at the same time.  Will the missing him get any easier? Will I be able to wait for him? I would really love to get advice from those who have been through this, Thanks!

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HI , Mine all started with my friend receiving a letter from a guy her cousin was in prison with ,He wrote to ask if she could write or had a pen pal , well my friend knew I came out of a using relationship and that I had my head on straight to where I didn't need anyone , We started writing Jan,12th 12/10 we have wrote everyday maybe only skipped 6 days but it was pen pals first and then turned into best friends , now we are in love .. he didn't have a picture of me , nor did I have one of him at first when we really got to be closer and really having feelings, I sent my picture first and he was amazed by me , I heard compliments over and over .Now the crazy thing with the way we wrote is that we had an incredible connection , even just through letters , I am so happy , I can't wait to get mail faithfully everyday .. we are so connected , that I was just at McDonald's looking down trying to find four leaf clovers just kicking them around , well I came home and I got two four leaf clovers in the mail , I was blown away , now wouldn't you be , we have had several different things like that happen as well , it has been 9 months now of writing and he asked me to be his g-friend , so he is coming home soon like march (6)more months , the other crazy thing is that he has two kids here and i got up with their mom and I have his children over all the time , they are both the same age of my kids , my son is 11 his daughter is 11 and his son is 12 , all 6th graders and all born in April and June my daughter as well , if this isn't amazing to you that it can happen , well so be it , But he told me he loves me and I am so proud to be with him !!! Hope I didn't tell to much but he makes me happy and yes it is expensive , but u really can't put a price on love now can you ??

Your stories are so cute. I am experiencing the same things with my love in jail right now. I miss him. I am trying to keep busy. He hasn't been sentenced yet to prison so I don't know what will happen. I love him and miss him. I love to read your posts because it makes me know Im not alone going through a situation like this.

Thanks Lostsoul22, I have been surrounding myself with friends and family. I do really love him, I have never met anyone like him. I know with all my heart i will wait and stay by his side and support him through this time. Again thank you for the encouraging words.