Unexpected Devotion

I met my best friend through a forum site that he and I visit.  We have known each other for the better part of a year, but never really talked much.  One day, I posted a message on the forum asking for friends to come to my aid because I was having a personal emergency.  The next post was from him, it read "Friend reporting for duty."  He and I have been talking on messenger pretty much daily ever sense.  It turns out that we have a lot in common.  We have become best friends, spending hours together talking.  I write him poems and he knows how I feel about him, that he has my heart and soul, and that I intend to wait for him. (while he is of legal age, he says he feels too young for right now)

I get teased a lot for having a best friend who is so much younger than me, but it isn't trips around the sun that matter, but what is in a person's heart.
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1 Response Oct 2, 2006

WOW!!!! Your story is amazing!!! <br />
<br />
Well may I add you, because I´am in the same situation, <br />
and I need some feedback's :) <br />
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Take care and I truly wish you the very best :) <br />
- Marin