Well Its Okay :'(

i liked him since i was 8. and now i already 18.. i dont know that my bestfriend liked him too. and of course i was so sad at the time she confess her feeling towards him.. the good news is the guy dont feel the same way like her. now its my time.. but i scared! :(( who knows he would reject me like he did to my bestfriend ? :( i need a help. should i or shouldnt i ? (: please leave a cmment..
youmakemewannasayido youmakemewannasayido
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1 Response Oct 17, 2011

go for it. if you don't than you'll never know what could've been and that is irritating. it could be the start of something big for you! btw i've liked someone since i was 8 too except im only 16