Known Him For So Long

there is this guy i really like, and i have known him since i was about 2 months old, he was 1 and half when he played and looked at me.
when we grew up we were always together, he would come and get me and we would walk around together after dinner, he taught me to play games, and brought me to the beach, for a while it was just me and him.
then my cousin came and we all played together but i didnt mind, now we are all a gang, and i our friends hang out aswell.
we are still very close but sometimes i drift of and feel he doesnt like me anymore, maybe not as much as the others,
although he asks me if im ok and tries to make me feel good, for example one night we were all together and i wasnt saying anything at all and he asked me was i ok and did i want to leave. but about 1 year ago he kissed of out friends, i was really annoyed, but i didnt say anything about it, anytime it was mentioned he said it was a drunken kiss.
this year my cousin fancied him alot aswell, but i knew he still likes the other girl as one of my cousins asked him, earlier in the year he denied it and said he really didnt, but i dont know if he will ever get over her although he is nice to me i think he might be more of a best friend.
i left the house because him and that girl were flirting alot and i left and didnt turn around, i didnt hold anything against him but i just feel like i dont matter anymore, sometimes he gets me alone to talk and have a laugh but i dont feel like im his best friend anymore,
there was one time i thought he might have kissed me, when me and him hid in this dark room from this person my friend were hiding somewhere else and me and him in that room, and even though my friends were now talking to the person we were hiding from, but he didnt leave yet he stayed there with me, and he treats me sometimes like a girlfriend, and i think he cares but sometimes i think he doesnt.
he told me about the girl who liked him and he said he didnt like her and we laughed at things for ages, but how do i make it clear to him i want to be his best friend again, and make it clear that i like him, or how do i see if he likes me
babser babser
13-15, F
Apr 2, 2012