In Love With A Psycholgy Professor i love this psychology professor for now almost two years..we were

acquaintances...but i was not his student...
i know him for 4 years now

he's my friend's brother.and also my uncle's pal.

he used to stalk me around the campus..
he proposed me once but i didn't take it seriously
i didn't like him then.
many profs in my country marry their's not forbidden.

but when he stopped..i felt like" hey why don't you do that anymore?"
well i graduated last semester..we no more see each other.

i told my mom about it

she's mad because it's one sided ..she says you should forget about it..

.or you have to betray this love someday..

then suddenly i made my mind to tell him about it

i told him that i like him on chat room

he said he knew(!) and that it was obvious..he also said that I'm thankful that you found me proper guy for your love and you should smile now that you had the courage to express your feelings..

but then he continued that marriage spoils love's innocence and holiness.he said that i cant let you go but you should not daydream about it so so much.he said this because i sent him my poems...

what do you think..does he love me? or like me at least ?
we didn't text for one month now...i really miss him..i will see him in 2 months
what do u think?

Landa2012 Landa2012
Dec 8, 2012