My Girl 4

yesterday, we had a birthday celebration for my minnie-me. decorations, arts and crafts, cake and present opening, what a blast. my minnie-me's b-day is in the summer, so to have a celebration with her classmates we waited till school started to have the party. 12, 6 or 7 year old girl classmates, her brother, and 2 neighborhood kids made for quite a housefull. my daughter, g-ma, and i hosted. so neat to watch the young ladies be dropped off, as soon as they could get out of the car they arrived in, they would run to the front gate, happy and full of life ! i was in charge of documenting the event. the video recorder on a tripod, and camera in hand, taking pictures as fast as the camera would allow. the young ladies overhelmed me and filled my heart with joy. as i have stated, i am uncomfortable with my scars of life, acne, a bulbous nose, and now my latest, as my minnie-me refers to it, my robot leg, i purposely left it exposed, for if my g-daughter was going to graduate with these classmates someday, i figured they just as well know a little about me. they were stupendous, after the inquisitive first glances, they were so accepting, so full of joy and happiness, dancing and frolicking about like 6 and 7 year old girls should, laughing, haming it up infront of the vidoe recorder, screaming and shouting, what a blast ! as i sit and reflect fondly of this event of life, and think of my role of major caretaker of the babies, i must admit it is quite a challenge, here i am an old one legged old man doing what mother nature intended for late teen and early 20 somethings to do, God laid this challenge at my feet, i had the choice to either cut and run or stand and be counted. i am very very proud that i chose to stand and not feel sorry for myself, and yesterdays party was a reward for my decisions and commitment i have made to my family. the outpouring of acceptance for my shortcomings emboldens me, strengthens me, gives me solace, and i am a much better human being for it. and i thank my Higher Power .
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Aug 28, 2011