I Am In Love With My Dance Teacher

I have been a dancer for 4 years and during that whole time there is one of my teachers who I have always liked A LOT. We have had some flirts but he never approached me more than a friend so I have had to deal with the fact that he will never like me back.
He has a new girlfriend/dance partner and it was a bit of a bombshell when my friend told me they were together. When I checked out his class and saw them dancing I felt so jealous. She has a better body than me and dances quite well.
I feel very sad when I see him. My head knows this is hopeless, but I am really hurting because I don't want to have feelings for him and I still do.
It is not my style to say anything if the guy doesn't make a move.
Sometimes I hear a song and I feel very emotional as I think of him!
This really sucks, by the way I am 30 years old!
firecracker1 firecracker1
26-30, F
Dec 5, 2012