I Know He Doesn't Feel The Same Way

I am so in love with this boy, my brother knows him and they sometimes (but rarely) hang out. This boy is cute, chatty and loves a good laugh (like me!) but he smokes dodgy stuff and I think he doesn't have great personal hygiene. I'm not being horrible but he comes from a rough area where people don't look after themselves very well but he is very lovely. I have been in love with him for months but he hasn't showed up for a while. I actually have realised that he isn't my type but my heart tells me that he is a nice boy and that a relationship with him would be great. I feel so embarrassed because I really like him, but he also just (probably) thinks of me as "A girl I know from school" he hasn't really shown interest in me when we have been stood next to each other, even though one time, my friend asked him "do you guys know each other?" and he replied "Yeah, I know you from school, don't I" (he said while turning round at me). That is about the only time ever that he spoke to me. Not a good sign huh? He may seem like he is the right one, but I know he sadly isn't, he doesn't love me back, one girl on Facebook (who's a friend) told me that she would tell him about me if I wanted her to, but I thought it wasn't a good idea, since he don't think anything of me but "A friend from school" he don't feel the same way, no matter how many times I lay in bed at night having visions of us asking each other out and the kissing etc. I still know that my heart will find the right one one day. But I do still really like him, any advice?? I am so confused! I just think that if someone was to tell him about me loving hm, he would just chuckle and walk off. ??
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Feb 28, 2012