I am totally in love with this man but he has made it clear from the beginning that he doesn't want a relationship, we have been sleeping together for almost a year now and I am pregnant. He says he doesn't want anything to do with it. What a ***. Feeling like **** but I kno what I need to do.
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Dump that useless man! And be there for your kid. Love it like it's the only thing to love on this godforsaken globe.

Cassandra, this is all extremely sad. You know what you have done, you pretty much state why you shouldn't have, don't know why you have. Confusion is never a good time to make a big decision. You have set a trap for him, you have used the most unjustifiable way to punish/get attention from this idiot chap. You know, especially from past experience that having unprotected sex would most likely lead to another pregnancy, yet you continued. The decision is not your own, you must never use another innocent person (baby) as a weapon. While he knows what he was/is doing is wrong it isn't up to you. You can't be totally in love with this man, it definitely sounds like you haven't experienced love, love is proper, caring, hugs and kisses you in the day as well as night, doesn't reject, is understanding, you're not understanding. First fix yourself, then take the next step - find someone who loves you and vice versa, It might seem far away, but it is worth it. There is someone in the world for everyone, someone right, then decide with your partner/husband if you want a baby, together. That is the healthiest option for all involved. Now you are probably thinking why can't I do this after having a baby? Well - because then you are having a baby before you are ready, before you have your life in balance, which surely isn't good, plus it will only serve to compound the complexities/problems. Now I'm certainly not telling you this because I want to hurt you, but because I want to help, I love fellow brothers and sisters, it is found in most humans nature. You fb doesn't have this. You deserve someone better, you need to look after yourself, you are better than you are treating yourself. Develop a sense of self respect. I'm not sure what country you are in, but you must seek professional, caring help. It isn't because you have failed, it's because you want to win. I can't see that you were loved as a child, had an affectionate or loving upbringing? This in its self needs correcting/reassuring yourself, free professional help must be around where you live, do it immediately, please, I beg you. If you hate yourself at the moment, think about this - imagine the guy that would love you, entirely, imagine he never gets you because you never gave him the chance? Love him now, in you, and you will find you may start to love yourself more and are happier, p.s. it would also really annoy that idiot of a f.b. I see you have a dog? See how it loves you, use this friendship to feel good attention and reject undeserved negativity from f.b . I only hope this is of help and that you understand it to be. let me know if there is anything else or how you feel about what I have said/further explanation, I will try to reply. Hugs for you

Thank u , at first reading this made me mad but only because u r right :) I am leaving in the a.m. And going to stay at my nanas to get on my feet. As much as it will hurt I am staying away from him. As for the baby I am leaning toward aborting . Most ppl think this is wrong but I feel it's nessasary right now in my current situation. Thank u for ur helpful response. I'm gonna give myself time to think my choice thru before making the right one tho. Thanks so much