He Said He Still Loves Me....

He called again today and I went to meet him. I am more confused then ever now. He told me that he still loves me and always will. He says that he quit calling because he was scared of the way that he was feeling. He was afraid of getting too involved so he figured it was best to just cut all ties. Now he is not so sure. He wants me to meet him again and try to talk about things.

I don't know what to do. I know that I still love him but I don't know if I can trust him not to hurt me again.

Any advice?

Just as a follow up. He did it to me again. I trusted him and let him back in my life. Now it has been 3 weeks without a word from him. He even changed his phone number. I am going to try to move on with my life and forget him.

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5 Responses Apr 11, 2008

You have me to I like to listen.....

Damn men...

I am SO with you on this girl. My person cannot make up his mind about me either. He is hot and cold just like that song by Katy Perry. I just want to be happy with him but sometimes it seems impossible due to HIS behavior.

I don't know what to tell you... I'm in the same situation as you and I don't know what is best, to follow your heart, or to forget him and go on with your life.<br />
But it would be more rational to learn the lesson of our broken heart: "Don't make a priority someone who only considers you as an option"<br />
Try to find happiness in other people or projects, and you will be ok.

Go with your heart, girl ... life's too short to miss a minute!