He Took Care Of Me. He Loved Me, Not Romantically, But He Thought I Was Special.

He used to. Maybe not in a boyfriend/girlfriend way. Maybe as my mentor, as a friend. Maybe not in a dating way. But he cared about me. He took care of me. Now I've hurt him too many times. He doesn't want to even hear me on the phone.
You used to care about me.
I'm sorry. May Jesus Mom, take care of you, take you in her arms.
Ste11aeres Ste11aeres
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You know Dear I am too in the same situation , i always hurt him but not intentionally , <br />
<br />
Meet him personally and make him understand that You never hurt him deliberately and you do care about him , his feelings..........

I'm sorry for you

I am sorry for you. I know what this feels like. Time will help you heal. You can not change what happened, but you can change how you act and react from today forward.<br />
Good luck.