I Wont Give Up

He called me one night for over two hours and asked me constantly if I loved him,and that if am dating two guys with one closer to me and the other in abroad,both treating me equally whom will I marry if am asked by both men.I then ask him if he was travelling and he said no.I found out two days time that I was pregnant so I tried calling and his phone was off,not knowing he laired to me that night he was really travelling.I got raid of the of the baby myself.after four months time I heard my phone ringing around midnight,it was him saying he is in abroad and that he is sorry for leaving like that.we started calling each other and all just ended one time but when I call he tells me he loves me but he never calls again nor sent anything to me.the sad thing is lately he doesn't call nor pick my calls again it hurts but I love him so much to move on without him .help
missy26vee missy26vee
26-30, F
Mar 8, 2013