I Love Someone Who Hates Me

i seem to have fallen madly in love with this girl who i barely know who doesnt like me and calls me creepy and would never dream of dating me usually i would just move on but i cant shes driving me crazy i go to sleep thinking of her i wake up thinking of her i see her everyday and it tears me apart and i cant do anything to change her mind and it kills i feel like her stalker because i was stupid enough to let her know that i liked her im leaving in 8 weeks and will probably never see her again and this thought is releaving however also heartbreaking this girl has changed me some how im listening to girls music watching girls films crying i feel like someone has hold of my heart and my balls this is incredibly different and confusing for me because i dont attach myself to people i prefer to be alone hence why i have no freinds and i am also a virgin and not scared to admit it either but she literally takes my breathe away all those love songs are finally making sense but what can i do this is ridiculous can someone tell me what to do  
mroneill1000 mroneill1000
May 6, 2012