Stupid Girl

I met him when i was eleven years old. It was a while into sixth grade and i'd moved into a new neighborhood and a new middle school. So, in the middle of the year, he asked me out. i was a very childish girl and he was a really childish boy so we were childish together and after about 3 weeks, i broke up with him through a friend of mine. So we were just kinda friends for a while and then we were together again. This time it was near summertime and i said yes even though about 2 weeks later, i broke up with him...again! So the summer passed and then 7th grade passed and we never really spoke to each other. Then eighth grade came and in that neighborhood was a playground. It was still kinda warm outside and it was spring so i put on a sunny little dress and sat on the bench at the playground (Which was directly in front of his house by the way), and wrote a love song. Just a random love song. After about 20 minutes i turned around to see him reading the song over my shoulder and i blushed a lot because it was personal and i didn't know. But he rolled his eyes at my embarrassment and told me he liked it. Anyways, that ended up a really nice night at the park and on that night, I, the stupid girl i am, told him that i loved him! and turned out, he loved me back. so there we were together yet again and this time after 6 months, i broke up with him. again! 3 times! and just like every other time, i want him back. this time it was my mother who forced me to. She knew that this time around i was a little more serious about us and out of fear, she tore us apart and told me she just wanted me and him to "be friends". What she didn't know was that when she made me do that, i broke his heart and now, i am in love with someone who can't stand to even talk to me!
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

go get back with him and never listen to your mom because you have a true lover and spek up to your mother and tell her no