He Took My Breath Away

Well here is my never ending story. I moved schools last year because I was getting bullied. So when I went there I saw this guy who took my breath away. He was 5'7 he was blonde/strawberry blonde. They called him 'Bender' because when he spiked a volley ball it bent the net. He never like me in that way and he didn't really like me as a friend either. I spent all year obsessing over him. This year I had to sit beside him when we were a month into school. He was very nice at some points. I started not to like him anymore but that night I had a dream about him. We were on a field trip and he pulled me close and kissed me and said "I'm sorry that I have been mean to you" will you forgive me? I said yes and my dream ended. I have been obsessed since. He tells me he hates me everyday and he bullies me everyday but I can't stop liking him. HELP
Kenzie22 Kenzie22
13-15, F
2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

It's okay to like him but why does he bully you? Try to be nice to him and smile even when he's being horrible. But from what you said, be ready to quit as he may not be worth your time.

if u really love someone, just love him. every thing will be good. just make him know u

Aww this is the nicest thing I have ever heard someone say ❤️