Victim No More

i feel in love with a man who showered me with attention at first, then started changeing my life so it fit more nicely into his se took away everybody and everything intill i was completly depended oo him then he started to hurt me gradually things progressed intill he was hurting me every day there was no hope no help he had turned everyone away from me 3 days ago after many blackened eyes an broken bones i found the strength to leave him i miss him i really did love him but it was either him or me give him up or give myself up 2 die
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26-30, F
5 Responses Jul 3, 2007

Keep it up! You can do it. Get some counseling. Please..

Your courage is admirable. I am glad you found the strength.

Good luck! It's hard, I know from my own personal experiences, but you are so much better than that!

I am glad to hear that you found the strength to leave him. :) Good luck!

You're doing the right thing, even though I know it hurts...I'm sorry for all the pain your going through, I know things will get better for you now!