It Is Hard

By nature, I want to fix things. To make things better. But I love someone who can't be "fixed". She has a good life, but she has a chemical issue that makes her depressed. Nothing that can be "fixed" or made better except with drugs and the drugs cause their own problems.

I love her. All of her. But it hurts to see her have a problem that I can't do anything about.
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4 Responses Feb 23, 2007

i think you are very courageous. it does hurt.

Everything can be fixed my friend, do some mroe research and im sure you will find the solution you are lookign for

I too am living with someone who is depressed. They go in waves.

I'm very sorry. I also love someone who often swings into deep, long, depressive states. Stay strong and continue to be there for your loved one. I know that drugs often don't work very well, or even make things worse.