When Your In Love With Someone That Dont Love You Ramona Troiani

I am in love with my friend Ramona. We dated years ago and though I ****** things up; she left a mark on my heart. Years later, i found her on facebook and she confronted me and told me we were friends and only friends. We hung out and did things together and my feelings for her began to grow more and more.... I kept telling her how i felt and she insisted we are only friends. She found her first supposedly first love on facebook; and now she is with him. I think this guy is so bad for her; if only she can see. She cries, she's changed and shes not the person I knew a year ago. Never has time for me; cuts me short and god forbid If i say something to her about him.....How do you let go; I ****** up and want her back. I want her.
gdlorenzo gdlorenzo
1 Response Aug 2, 2010

D: she should have taken you.