Cali ->philly

5 years ago i met the girl who would change the rest of my life. being a teenager relationships come and go, but not this one. we liked eachother so much and i believed it was love but after the heart break i dont believe in love anymore. i know i may sound young and unexperienced but ive had my fair share of intimate relationships and this particular relationship has stuck with me to this day. in the beginning we were just friends making eachother laugh and poking fun at the other until one day i found out that she told someone she liked me "a little bit." haha from this our fondness spiraled and we just could not be away from the other. and btw this girl is drop dead gorgeous therefore hundreds of guys would try to hit on her everyday. anyways some backstory which sounds very movie like:
my family moved to california from philly that year and i was devastated; leaving my best friends behind and distant family as well. from the beginning my heart was set to hate cali and only concentrate on philly, whatever it may be sports, girls, etc etc. anyways me and this girl kept going out then breaking up as most couples do, and this only made our love stronger. she was not the greatest gf but she loved me as much as i loved her. we were going out and it had been a couple months and we were getting bored somehow, and thats when she told me the worst news i heard up to that point, she cheated on me. at least she was decent enough to tell me, but i was able to forgive her because of the sincerity she had told me with, she was balling her eyes out and apologizing but i knew i had to break it off. weeks went by and i couldnt stop thinking about her and she couldnt either so we got back together. around this time the school year was going to end and my family decided it was best to move back to philly. all i could think about was how i would live without her in my life. i cried for the first time over a girl and that has been the only time to this day. i told her the news and she cried. i knew i had to end things with her so she could move on even though i didnt plan on moving on myself. so i told her it was best to do that. which was the worst decision for myself. i wrote her a goodbye note and gave it to her at the last day of school, which was the day i was moving. she too had thought to make me one and gave it to me. saddest moment of my life so far. we kept in touch here and there but the distance jst made us forget but i never did because she was always in the back of my mind. 2 weeks ago i went to cali to visit i called her and we talked and decided to meet up the following saturday. days passed and it was friday i called but she didnt answer or return my calls. i knew i was going to be stood up. i called again saturday but still no answer. i was devastated. i went out and got the drunkest ive ever been in my life. i came back to philly feeling only heartbreak and no matter what i did i couldnt stop thinking about her. she was in my thoughts, my reveries, and my dreams. 3 days ago i couldnt handle it anymore since she wouldnt return my calls i messaged her on myspace. i poured my heart out into that letter. gave it all i had knowing this would be the last time. 1 day later im anxious and i check my mail and there it is just sitting in my inbox begging to be read. you know how in emails they show you the first sentence or so of the letter..well it said.. i dont even know where to start. and so i knew it would be a bad letter telling me its been 5 years and i need to get over it....but it wasnt she told me she had never recieved such a honest and touching letter like mine from any guy she ever knew. she said she didnt know how much she meant to me and thought it would be ok to not see me. i dont understand but she went on to tell me that she still has feelings for me too. idk if shes trying to be nice and saying that. but i really hope thats wrong. i want her to miss me like i miss her. now i just cant get her out of my mind. and im unwilling to get with anyother girl. please HELP!
betheredz224 betheredz224
Jul 13, 2010