Why Do I Miss You So Mutch,when All You Done Is Hurt Me?

it was about three year's a go,when i was out in the street's,with my mate's and i went to meet my orther mate,when i phone'd he said he would be bringing a couple of his mate's,then we met them,i was looking at his mate's as you do,and there  he was,the one that stood out,it felt like love at first site,time went on,and i didn't see harvey that mutch nemore,then my best mate,came and called for me one day,and said there's a fit lad down the youth club called harvey,i knew straight away it was going to be the harvey,i fell for,me&him grew so close together,he'd walk me home,and be stood there in his t-shirt freezing,cos he had give me his coat,that day,was when i sure,this was love,he made me smile without even trying to,it carried of for a couple of month's,and then there was a rumour going around,that harvey ment to be moving to cypruss,i didn't want to belive,it we'd gotten so close,after them few month's,but unfortantley,the rumour was true,he had to go,there was no way he'd be able to stop in england,when he went,i missed him like crazey,we'd talk every day on face-book,and go on cam on msn,he'd tell me he was coming to visit down here just to make me smile,but he wasn't, we stoped talking on face-book&msn, we was slipping,then one time as i logged in to face-book,harvey had poped up saying om coming down this week,but i didn't want to belive him,cos all the lie's when he had told me he was coming down before,and he wasnt,well that day come,his brorther had texte'd me saying harvey's down here,i replied,and said no he isn't,then i had a phone call,and it was harvey,it was so amazing to hear his voice,after he'd gone of the phone,joe had texte'd me again saying that wasn't realy harvey we was having you on,so i went mad, and told him not too talk to me again,then as i was getting ready,there was a knock on my door,i went down huffing and puffing,and it was harvey,i dain't no what to say i was stuck for word's i just smiled,he came in ran to my bedroom,lied on my bed,i couldn't get him up,when i did we went down stair's to go out the front door, and he just shut it turned around and kissed me,he gave me butterfly's,as the day's went on he was only down here for 2 week's i thought he love'd me,but i found out,he was going round this orther gal's house,me&harvey fell out:| there was no more me&him,it broke my heart,knowing that he was with her and not me,i didn't want to walk down the street cos i'd know i'd see him&her together,and i'd end up breaking down inside,well i had to get out the house,and i did see them both together,it broke my heart, he tried to talk to me that day,but i just egnored him,he went back to cypruss,he was saying sorry,and he said good-bye i still egnored him,om never  going to forget the day,when he piicked her over me,i tell my self i don't love him nomore,but the truth is he mean's more to me than eny-one,he's my world my hero,today some-one asked me if i missed him,i didn't answer i just closed my eye's walked away and whisperd so mutch,i just don't know what to do nemore,cos he meen's alot,but he's going to be living back in england soon,so probally,he'l be all miine,iloveyou harveyxx

chloebabiie chloebabiie
Aug 4, 2010