If You Love Someone Who Lives Far Away.....

If you love someone who lives far away – you will wait for his call all the time, then when he calls, you just pick up the phone and don’t know what to say.
If you love someone who lives far away- for every second of the day, you will ask yourself “What is he doing?”…
If you love someone who lives far away – your friends will ask “is your relationship stable or not? So far away… what will you do?” You just smile, and tell them “it is very easy to talk to him by skype, by phone, everyday, every hour”. But you know, it is not true.. When people falling in love, they just want to be with the one they love all the time. It turns into a habit. But if you do the same thing everyday, it will be so boring. And one day, they will get bored of seeing each other every single day. That is the reason why many couples break up. You will think “How lucky I am!” because you don’t have to cope with that trouble 
If you love someone who lives far away – When you feel tired, you need a shoulder to lean on, he can’t be there with you. When you need someone to wipe away all of your tears, he can’t do it for you. But at the end of the short “Waiting” road, where the long road named “Happiness” begins, he is waiting for you. You have to walk alone on the “Waiting” to come to the “Happiness”, where you 2 can be together. Moving forward! With him, not by your side, but in your heart!
huongluclan huongluclan
22-25, F
Sep 1, 2011