My Love Lives Far From Me

Let's start off with this. I'm only 17 years old. Sure, you may think that a 17 year old can't fall in true love. But I believe that I have. Let's call him Carl. It wasn't love at first sight. Not at all. I thought he was quite annoying in the beginning actually. I remember the first time I saw him. My friend pointed him out to me and said Look, it's Carl.
I had heard of him, but never really knew who this Carl person was, so I asked her. She said he was a player, and that he dated almost everybody in the school. After that, I never thought he'd cross my mind again. Until he started to talk to me. We spoke at a party. He was friendly, but I kept my guard up, assuming I was one of the girls he wanted to toy with. Soon, I grew very fond of him, and we started dating on the 22nd of October. After one month, he told me he loved me. I thought it was pretty fast, but being young, I said it back, not knowing what real love was. Carl was everything my friend said he wasn't. He was sweet, caring, protective, loving, handsome, everything a girl looks for. But even still, my guard was up. I did trust him, however. I told him everything there was to know about me, and he did the same.
After a couple of months, he started to become a habit. I started to notice everything about him, and I knew more about him. I also found his flaws. He was jealous. Way too jealous. I couldn't hug a guy without him getting a bit upset. Even so, I didn't mind. I found the best in him. He was amazing. I remember I got grounded once for something wrong I did, and my parents forbade me from seeing him. I remember finding loopholes around their decision because all I wanted was to see him. And he surprised me. Although I couldn't see him much, and I never did it with him, he stayed with me. He did his best to see me whenever he could, and as did I. I could tell that he loved me much more than I loved him. I remember this one day very clearly. It was my birthday. I couldn't see him so I went out with my best friend to dinner. He surprised me by showing up there with a beautiful necklace as a present. He had planned with my friend to take me there so he could steal me away. We got into his car. He whispered something to his chauffeur, and I had no idea where we were going. Whenever I asked him, he would tell me it was a surprise. After a while, we arrived at a house. It was his house. He was taking me to meet his mother. I started panicking. He took me up to his room, and shortly after, she walked in. Sounds pathetic now, but I was trembling at the time. I spoke to her for a bit, and she was really nice. After she left he held me and told me that it was okay and that I didn't need to be scared because I was perfect. That was the moment I knew that I really loved him.
Then, everything changed. I found out that I was moving in June, halfway across the world. I spoke to Carl about it several times. He said he wanted to be with me no matter where I was. I felt the same. It wasn't long before I was on that airplane, heading to a new world with new people. I didn't even know the language. I missed my love, I missed everything about him. I wondered when the next time I would see him again was, and I cried. I cried for weeks.
After a while, I got used to it. We both were more paranoid, but nothing could break us after all of that. We used Skype to talk, and Blackberry Messenger gave us the opportunity to talk for most of the day, every day. Looking back now, I can honestly say it was great.
The next time I saw him was April. April 10th, to be exact. We traveled to spain together, and we stayed in the same room. It was the best 3 days of my life. Everything about it was perfect. It could've been recorded and put into a movie. All of it.
And the week after that, I traveled to where he was and stayed there for 2 weeks.
That, too, was perfect.
Now, it has been exactly 2 years, 2 months, and 10 days that we've been together. And I love him more every day. True love does exist, even for us teens, and long distance relationships do work.
monicab94 monicab94
Dec 30, 2011