Hes So Far Away!

Just recently i went to australia to visit friends with my mum and dad! I fell in love with this boy and i have never felt this way about anyone, ive been back for 3 months now and there hasnt been a day gone past we havnt poken, i always use to worry i would never find someone because im very fussy but i know he is the one and there is nothing more i want then to spend my life with him! I sometimes struggle to believe it will work and it gets me down but i dont want to give up as i know this is special! I just wonder how its going to work as i live in England and he lives in aus, one of our lives are dramatically gunna change! Please help me!
Gem10 Gem10
1 Response May 15, 2012

well girl. I see your problem. I know I'm not the one to give out advice for this sorta stuff but you look like your in quite a mess. If you really love this man then you will find a way tobe together,whether it be getting to know eachother know and then later deciding to do something like both of you moving to a country that is somewhere in between England and Australia. This is the best advice I have come upwith. Get toknow him first, decide life changing desicions later :)<br />
With my highest regards,<br />
Sabrina Green, USA