Missing That Special Person

Hi everyone,

I met this guy online like a year ago and we started talking. We had many things in common and we started talking more and more until we could not wait anymore to meet in person. He decided to invite me to his house in Houston when his parents were gone for the weekend. I traveled all the way down there from Indiana because I really wanted to meet him. I had the best weekend ever but somehow the night before I came back he acted so strange. It felt like he did not like me anymore or something. I asked what was wrong but he said everything was fine, he just knew that I had to go somewhere thousand miles away. After I left we stopped talking as much as we used to and the relationship changed a bit. I have to said that he treated me so well while I was visiting him. He still send me messages ad say hi once in a while. Also when i send him messages, he always replies me. What I do not understand is why he still talks to me or worries about me if supposedly he does not want a relationship. Has this happened to anybody else? any advice?
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1 Response May 15, 2012

Well, I wouldn't say it's happened to me, but maybe, he saw you as a different person when talking to you online, cause what tends to happen with me, is when my friends talk online, it feels like someone else than in person. Like my friend seems mean online but she would use those words in real life too and it wouldn't be mean. What I'm saying is, maybe you were like that too, you were yourself, but in perfect, felt a little different for him. And he may worry because he still cares for you in a friend way.