I Met A Guy Online And Fell In Love

I met this wonderful guy online. We hit it off immediately. We've been talking for six months now, and as of late, things haven't been going so well. It started to bother me that he kept in contact with his ex-girlfriend that he dated for three years, even though she was the one that made the effort. I didn't want to tell him what to do, because we weren't and aren't doing long distance dating because he doesn't want to put me through the pain of long distance and tells me I'm too young to be tied down. He said he stopped talking to her, though. I feel extremely bad about this, but it makes me uncomfortable that he talks to her. I don't know if that's reasonable, but from my experience, men only talk to women they previously dated if feelings are still around. Since he's four years older than I, I find that he lectures me, condescends me, and treats me like a child at times. It's so frustrating for me. Lately, he hasn't beej as eager to e-mail, call, or text (I'm not a fan of texting) and time when we talked at night is now replaced by his friends. I haven't quite adjusted to this replacement just yet. It's hard for me to get used to us not talkig every day like we used to and with enthusiasm. We've been arguing more often, too, which I know is at my fault because I'm the one having the concerns, insecurities, etc. Last night we had a big argument about me not receiving what I want and used to have from him. I find it harder to trust him. I know I need to make a change, and I want to work through this rut we're in. I'm just confused as to how to start! Someone please give me some good advice? Thank you!
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hey, I know I'm kinda late answering this... are you still talking to him?
I met a guy 2 years ago online, I wasn't looking but it just happened...he was very niceand I felt like I could tell him anything. We talked and skyped for a couple of weeks when he told me he loved me, I was very confused I mean how can you love someone you've never met? anyways he asked me out, and I said yes just because I didnt think it was serious anyways.. But then I began feeling something for him as well, and I got even more confused and I broke up with him... We kept talking though, he understood but it was different, he started dating other girls. Then the arguing started, well me being mad at him and we talked less and less.. then I ignored him for a couple of months, I just couldnt handle the feelings I was having... Then I finally got over myself and started talking again and we're still talking now. It's really hard when he isn't online and I really want to see him and talk to him, I have his phone number but he lives on the other side of the world, so it's too excpensive to call. he's saving up money to come visit though...
Give yourself some time to figure out if this is what you want, and if it is, go for it 100% cause 90% won't be enough, long distance is very hard but if you really want it, it can work

Hi there! :) I know it's been crazily long but I just joined. I have pretty much the same case as yours, and everything was going fine and it was very blissful but I sort of ended it myself but we still talk, as a revelation. I'd like to know if you've gotten through with your relationship and if you've met or not. Thanks a ton :)

if there is something i have learned its that you should never hold back your feelings,keeping everything bottled inside only makes you burst out and flip when you dont mean to, always tell the him how you feel even though your scared of how he may react be true to your feelings or your going to be the one hurt and with regret in the end! best wishes